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I am a great fan of teardowns and couldn’t wait to see┬áto release their PlayStation 4 teardown to the masses. After taking apart the PS3 several times (I guess at least 20 times, and probably 50 BluRay drives), I am glad to see that the PS4 received an repairability score of 8 out of 10. The only thing to hope for now, is that the BluRay drive and the lens will be more fail proof this time! Maybe there won’t even be the need any more to take the little friend apart. Apparently they’ve improved quite a bit…

On the other hand you see heaps of reports over the net with early adaptors who see their systems overheating, after only 30 minutes of playing. Nearly 50% of the Amazon reviews are 1 Star…

PlayStation 4 Teardown Gallery

Here are some pictures from

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