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If you are one of my closer friends, you might know that I am writing heaps of blogs (I’m at least trying to). Unfortunately, all those blogs are hobby related and most of my friends don’t share my hobbies… Being abroad makes it of course more difficult, to stay in touch with friends and family. I have therefore decided to launch this blog, along with my professional website.

I will write about things of personal interest, like technology and WordPress, but will also use this blog to post photos from trips here in Japan, and other fun activities. I hope you subscribe to the e-mail newsletter (below), or the RSS feed to stay updated. New posts will also be automatically published to FacebookTwitter and Google+.

Feel free to comment or drop me an e-mail. Also make sure to visit my Flickr for more photos!

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  1. Anurag Kumar November 27, 2014 at 3:25 pm #

    Great blog Daniel. Please keep posting the stuffs.

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