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I have just discovered a WordPress plugin for the service. What the service does is it allows to paste content via url into WordPress and renders it perfectly for your readers. Similar to what we all do on Facebook all the time. Have a look at a few examples below.

Using with Github

I have recently made use of a walker class in order to integrate the Twitter Bootstrap Navbar into a WordPress Theme. The class I used was provided by Edward McIntyre aka Twittem. I could now simply link to this class , or I could use the service like so:

twittem/wp-bootstrap-navwalkerwp-bootstrap-navwalker – A custom WordPress nav walker class to fully implement the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0+ navigation style in a custom theme using the WordPress built in menu manager.

Embedly Powered

via Github

As expected the result looks much more appealing. Let’s try another service.

Embed Pastebin

How about embedding some code from Pastebin:

Embedly Powered

Or a Vice “Article”

We Interviewed an Anglican Canadian Who Is Only Drinking Beer for Lent | VICE United KingdomDuring my youth, I watched my Christian friends give up goodies for Lent. They usually went through the same no-chocolate routine every year. I never saw my friends give up food entirely or decide to chug beer for meals, but this Lent, Chris Schryer is doing both.

Embedly Powered

via Vice

And a Ted Video

Embedly Powered

via TED

As you can see it is a quite handy service, that allows you to quickly embed rich content into your website. And best of all: It’s free. So, get started with for WordPress and add interesting content with the click of a button.

By the way, if you don’t have a WordPress site yet, I offer a WordPress Installation Service over at Microlancer for just $20 and much more. Have a look and get in touch!

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