Deutschland Burger at McDonald’s Japan

So, I went to McDonald’s here in Japan, where they currently offering a special menu dedicated to the greatest football nations. Of course Germany and Brazil were the first two countries which got their own burger. So I couldnt wait to try the Deutschland Burger!

Behold the German Burger Pork Schnitzel (aka Deutschland Burger) with Pretzel Bun, Jägersoße (Mushroom/Onion gravy), Schnitzel (we call a Schnitzel in combination with Jägersoße a Jägerschnitzel btw.) and mashed potatoes.

Deutschland Burger

Packaging looks proper. Probably also the longest name for a burger ever!

Deutschland Burger

Fifa approved!


Along with it you get the Japan drink (alternatively also topped with Ice Cream). It’s a rather artificial tasting lemonade (the stuff I like). They also have an orange lemonade to choose which, btw. has the dutch flag on it :)

Artsy Fries

Artsy fries can never be wrong!

Pretzel Bun

The Pretzel Bun. It actually did not taste like a Pretzel at all. It tastes like the average McDonald’s bun… bit disappointed.


On the inside: I can confirm that the Jägersoße contains onions, the mushrooms however are diced to infinity :( – Not a surprise as champignons are ridiculously expensive here in Japan.

Deutschland Burger

Here’s a pic of the mashed potato “salad”. It wasn’t so bad. The Schnitzel indeed tastes like a schnitzel, even tho more like a Schnitzel at a train station, but you get the idea. Altogether the experience was rather sad. The whole thing tastes pretty dry which is mostly due to the failed Jägersoße attempt and the mashed potato which is in general a pretty dry thing here in Japan. It would have been great if they’d serve it with some sort of lemon juice or something to spice things up! Well, maybe in a few years then.

If you’d like to read more about the World Cup special at McDonald’s Japan, visit their official page. Next up for me will be the recently discovered Mega Mac!


  1. Erik (Steckmann) June 11, 2014 at 2:22 pm #

    Great stuff, you blog is a cool insight to a interesting country :-D Btw. wish you all the best in Japan and hope the radiation won’t kill you that fast :D

  2. June 28, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

    Zeig denen mal was ne richtige Brezel ist. One bread to rule them all!

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